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Od Mousek 19.4.2013 v 9:32

With Lattice Technology Solutions you can compress large 3D files into lightweight XVL files that are easy to handle, use and share!


Your benefits:

  • Compression to 0.5% of original file size
  • No loss of data accuracy
  • Fast loading and browsing times
  • Easy handling, sharing and using of 3D data due to small file size
  • Supports multiple CAD
  • All viewers for XVL format are free
  • XVL from Lattice Technology – The smallest file size possible!


For authoring and publishing    

  • XVL Converter translates all major CAD formats to XVL                        
  • XVL Studio views, checks, animates models and assemblies                      
  • Webmaster publishes XVL files as 3D Web pages                      
  • iXVL Publisher publishes XVL files to iOS devices                    
  • XVL Signer keeps XVL files secure


For consumption (free of charge!)  

  • XVL Player views XVL files                   
  • Lattice 3D Reporter embeds
  • XVL files in Excel spreadsheets


For utilities   

  • System Toolkit integrates XVL data into ERP and PLM systems


Stiahnuť si ho môžete tu :


Od Mousek 9.4.2013 v 18:18

Konečne je vonku realtime renderer pre program Rhinoceros.


Neon™ is a free, fully raytraced viewport plug-in for Rhino 5.  Developed in collaboration with Caustic Professional, Neon adds a new viewport mode called "Raytraced with Neon" - there's almost no other UI - it just works.

Neon helps a designer to quickly evaluate and establish the form, color, texture, lighting, and material requirements of object components within a scene, very early on.


Best of all, Neon is free for registered users of Rhino 5!


Full support for Rhino 5 rendering tools

Neon supports all Rhino 5 rendering features - including the sun, skylight, groundplane, standard materials, environments and most procedural textures.

Neon is a fully working viewport mode. You can edit your model just like any other mode and Neon keeps up. It supports in-command previews (like BlendSrf), real time dragging and many other commands.


Support for Brazil 2.0 Advanced Rendering

In addition, Neon supports many Brazil settings if Brazil 2.0 Service Release 2 (or later) is installed on your computer. This includes most Brazil materials, the GI environment, most Luma server settings, Depth of Field - along with a raft of other bits and pieces. More is coming soon!


System Requirements

Neon works best on powerful hardware, but it's usable on most modern mid-range computers - even laptops. It doesn't require a powerful video card. We recommend 64-bit Rhino 5.0 with at least 4Gb of RAM and an I7 processor - preferably Sandybridge/IvyBridge.

Windows Vista, Windows 7 or 8 is required. It does not work on Rhino 4.0, nor Windows XP.

Neon also supports the Series 2 raytracing accelerator cards from Caustic Professional.


viac :">

Od Mousek 10.3.2013 v 19:11

Plugin, ktorý posúva Rhino do nebeských výšin. 

Video z jeho prezentácie :

Od Mousek 25.2.2013 v 18:56

Ak pracujete radi v tmavom prostredí tak práve tieto témy pre Rhinoceros V5 vám spíjemnia prácu.


Donwload :

Od Mousek 24.2.2013 v 20:26

Frog je plugin do programu Rhinoceros, ktorý Vám poskytne 3 toolbary : 


The first replaces Toolbar is the middle mouse button activating a toolbar with commonly used commands Rhino some of these commands are customizable.

The second is a toolbar pop-up that appears when you press the middle mouse button when a rhino command is active. It allows to activate some parameters of the command, for example, measurement of an offset or a sottocomando.In more is present a numeric keypad, which also serves as a calculator for small mathematical operations. It can be set for each control 12 different functions, you can also activate toolbar snaps, ortho, planar, etc.


The third set of toolbar appear when you press the TAB key and selecting geometry, depending on the type of selected geometry is a customizable toolbar that is also different


Zvýšia vám efektivitu práce. Prezentačné video si môžete pozrieť tu :


Web pluginu je ;(prepnite si vpravo na angličitnu) 

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